Appendix II – Upgrading an ISR

Appendix II – Upgrading an ISR

In the fixed fields add language code, juvenile code, illustrations code, literary form code and form of item code if the item is large print.

Always add an 040 subfield d to a record when you edit it. Do not worry that there is no subfield a.

1xx and 6xx headings. These are controlled headings. If you add one of these to a record please go into Tools, Verify headings and find the authority record for that heading. Select only an authorized heading. If the heading is not authorized do not enter it. Email me if you do not find what you need.

Only one 1xx tag can go in a record. An editor is never a 1xx. Editors go into a 7xx field.

GMDs (subfield h) are required for all nonprint items and large print items. The words DVD, VHS and CD are never part of this field. Please do not accept remote records with these unless you first edit them out.

A 260 subfield a must be added to an upgraded record.

The 300 tag goes as follows:  xx, 78 p. : (subfield b) ill.., maps, photos ; (subfield c) 33 cm. + (subfield e) 1 map in pocket. Whatever information you enter in to the subfield b, should be coded in the 008.

538 tag is used for format and computer information

500 general note

505 contents note

511 performer note

520 summary note

7xx added entries for other authors, illustrators, performers, etc. Do not add a subfield e for this information